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JDPI's Values

JDPI holds 10 core values to ensure that all staff, mentees and the organization as a whole organization as a  a whole  are promoting the right way of living as the best way of living.

The 10 Values  are:

  1. Integrity - Saying or doing the same thing behind someone's back as you would to their face.

  2.  Ethics - The code of right is right and wrong is wrong, treat people how they would like to be treated

  3. Honesty - Being honest with yourself first and then with others

  4. Loyalty - Sticking with someone or something through the ups and downs

  5. Trust - Consistency in your work by doing what you agreed to do

  6. Honor - When given the upper hand not taking advantage

  7.  Respect - Treating others justly

  8.  Empathy - Relating to others pain and struggle

  9.  Intercultural Knowledge - Learning about cultures 

  10. Social Justice and Diversity - Standing up against social injustices and supporting diversity

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